Treat your mother to a Diplomatico rum on Mother’s Day

Make your mother happy, and yourself, on Mother’s Day. Offer her a tasting moment to understand and appreciate rum. Diplomatico proposes two rums for this occasion: Distillery Collection Nº3 – Pot Still Rum and Single Vintage 2005.

By tasting these two rums you will understand the difference between a rum distilled in a pot still according to a unique distillation process initially used in Scotland for the production of whisky, and, between a Single Vintage aged in bourbon and malt whisky barrels for 12 years and distilled in old copper stills.

So bring some nice glasses, find a comfortable place at home or at your mother’s and introduce her to the world while enjoying a good time and a good rum.

To be enjoyed preferably neat.


Tasting notes Distillery Collection Nº3

Color :

Dark shiny amber

Aromas :

Aromas of smoked coffee, chocolate, followed by notes of caramel, vanilla and ripe fruit and tropical fruit.


Soft and round mouth. Bitter chocolate notes blend with oak and tobacco aromas for a pronounced mellow finish with red fruit notes.


Tasting notes Single Vintage 2005

Color :

Deep mahogany

Aromas :

Aromas of tobacco and oak, deliciously mixed with gourmet notes of bitter chocolate, vanilla and red fruits.


Silky and voluptuous. Perfect finish and an unexpected palette of flavours and aromas.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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