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Ura Spirits Biarritz Dry Gin from France wins World Gin Awards 2021

Illustration: Dorian Vincent, Ura Spirits Founder (par

Ura Spirits, a distillery inspired by nature and traditions to create its drinks just won the Best Contemporary Award at the World Gin Awards 2021.

It is with the Biarritz Dry Gin that Ura Spirits wins this year’s World Gin Awards 2021 in the Contemporary Style Gin category representing France.

The Biarritz Dry Gin won over the jury with its herbal and green start on the nose. Lemongrass, lemon balm and even a hint of mint continue on the palate with some juniper notes. Besides, there is an intriguing smoky note along with the herbs, it is complex and exciting.

Foto: Biarritz Dry Gin – Ura Spirits

At Ura Spirits each spirit is distilled at a specific temperature. For example, a yerba mate will be distilled at 45º to preserve all its aromas and not burn the plant. They use a vacuum distillation method, carried out at reduced pressure, which allows the purification of compounds that are difficult to distil at ambient pressure. This technique separates the compounds according to the differences in boiling points and allows the herbs to preserve their aromas. When the pressure in the still is low, it will allow to obtain a lower boiling point. Therefore at lower temperature, better conservation of the aromas.


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