Violet liqueur and a champagne, perfect ingredients for cocktails

These very fashionable ingredients during the autumn season are key in the preparation of cocktails. Violet liquor and a very special champagne will accompany the drinks.

Two ingredients that never go out of fashion. Throughout the ages, violet and champagne have accompanied a generation of not only cocktails, but also culinary preparations, and even perfumes.

Violet can be found in different forms as a flavouring for tonic waters, syrups and gins. Here we propose three brands:


Violet Blossom Tonic by The Artisan Drinks Co

A stylish mixer that blends restricted notes of violet with apple blossom and elderflower. A very good choice for preparing non-alcoholic drinks.

Tempus Fugit Liqueur de Violettes

Pink liqueur based on a 19th century recipe. Made from flowers grown on the Costa Azul. It’s perfect for violet flower fans.

Giffar Crème de Violette

An essential ingredient for the preparation of the famous yet underrated classic cocktail, Aviation Cocktail.


And to prepare champagne-based drinks, Bruno Paillard brings the 2009 Vintage Assemblage Champagne Extra Brut. The house of Bruno Paillard, established in 1981, offers this dry but pleasant champagne from the rich 2009 vintage. It is prepared from 50 percent chardonnay and 50 percent pinot noir.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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