Whisky boxes to develop the fight against climate change

It couldn’t happen anywhere else but in Scotland. Scottish engineers develop satellites the size of a whisky box to develop new ways of fighting climate change.


Scotch whisky exports reached a record last year. Data from HM Revenue and Customs showed that foreign sales reached £4.36 billion, equivalent to more than 1.2 billion bottles exported worldwide.

And for some reason, they develop in Scotland these satellites the size of a whisky box. Not to take advantage of this production to bring an advantage to humanity would be a loss.

These small satellites weigh 4 kg. It is a collaboration between a former student of the University of Glasgow, NASA, ESA and the UK Space Agency. Clyde Space, is the main project manager, founded by electronic engineer Craig Clark.

The small satellite, the size of a whisky box, is built in a special cleanroom environment. But doubts about this invention arose, until NASA became interested in the project. “Almost everyone said we couldn’t do it until we had a visit from NASA saying they wanted to work with us”. Craig Clark of Clyde Space explains, “Now, they see it as one of their most important projects“.

The advantage of these satellites is mainly their size. That’s right. But so is the possibility of recreating in a smaller size the capacity of a large satellite. Smaller components and technological advances make this possible, and they are also cheaper.

For a better monitoring of the environment

The CubeSat satellite can track the health of the seas, and the color change as the temperature changes. It can also track pollution and its impact on the microscopic seaweed called phytoplankton.

Dr. Gene Carl Feldman, an oceanographer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, said the partnership with Clyde Space was invaluable in helping to assess the impact of climate change. These images help to accurately understand climate change and understand the planet and how it changes.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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