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You can learn how to make beer online during confinement

Taking the opportunity of confinement to cultivate ourselves is one of the best things to do. How about learning how to create your own beer on the Internet?

Publiée par Une Petite Mousse sur Lundi 23 mars 2020

In France, Une Petite Mousse offers interactive general culture programmes on beer and cheese. Twice a week through Facebook Messenger, participants receive an article on a topic: history of IPA beer for example. They must then answer a questionnaire to evaluate the knowledge they have learned. For each correct answer, points are collected and these points are redeemable for boxes with beer or cheese to celebrate the end of the confinement. Great, isn’t it?

To find out more about the online course, don’t hesitate to check out the Une Petite Mousse Facebook page.

*Please note that this course is for residents in France to receive the boxes and to take the courses taught in French.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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