alcohol bottle designs - diseños de botellas de alcohol

Fantastic award-winning alcohol bottle designs

We bring you several fantastic alcohol bottle designs acclaimed by experts from the iF Design Awards 2021.

The iF Design Awards reward the most recent designs in various categories such as product design including alcohol bottle designs, architecture, packaging, user experience and interior design.

The 2021 edition of the iF Design Awards focused on projects that created interesting narratives and showed how packaging can be used as a storytelling tool.

We show you some of the alcohol bottle designs (and non-alcoholic) that were part of the awards.



Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Creation

Designer: Dragon Rouge GmbH

Coca-Cola’s cocktail mixer bottles bring to life a new version of the brand’s first bottles from 1899. They combine Coca-Cola with contemporary mixology aesthetics. They won an award in the Beverages category for their design.

Photo: Dragon Rouge


Dou You Ji

Designer: Shenzhen Oracle Creative Design Co.

A Chinese beer that depicts through colorful graphics and humorous images, references from Journey to the West, a Chinese legend.

Photo credit: Shenzhen Oracle Oracle Creative Design Co.


Power Temptation

Designer: Left and Right Creative Design (Shenzhen) Co.

Power Temptation bottles were designed for the Chinese youth market. Through decorative labels they tell the story of Adam and Eve and their time spent in the Garden of Eden.

Photo credit: Left and Right Creative Design (Shenzhen) Co.


Jinsha Sauce Liquor

Designer: Shenzhen HJRdesign Consultant Co.

Through the packaging, they represent the historical origins of the brand, blurring the old production techniques. On the outer box we find an abstract graphic design created with Chinese inks and the top cover unfolds like a roll of photos.

Photo: Shenzhen HJRdesign Consultant Co.



Designer: Shenzhen Oracle Creative Design Co.

MMINNI-X-lab is a brandy designed to appeal to young people. Its colorful packaging and containers that look like lab bottles are intended to represent the “intrepid spirit of exploration” of young people.

Photo credit: Shenzhen Oracle Oracle Creative Design Co.


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