fresas con tequila | strawberries with tequila

Strawberries with tequila? Enjoy this super recipe

Strawberries with tequila sounds great, doesn’t it? Here we bring you a recipe for sugar glazed strawberries with tequila.


Tequila Sugar Glazed Strawberries

Ingredients for 4 people

600 g small garden strawberries, 6 tablespoons powdered sugar, vergeoise, 2 tablespoons lime juice, lime zest, 3 tablespoons tequila (optional).


Whether they come from the garden or from the market, strawberries are notorious for being difficult to store. To stop wasting them and keep them juicy and sweet, I offer a solution of my own. Wash, hull and dry freshly picked strawberries with paper towels and sprinkle them with powdered sugar. Quickly pop them into freezer bags and freeze with the sugar. On the day of the meal: place the fruit in a large bowl. Add the lime juice and tequila and mix very gently. Leave the salad in the refrigerator to thaw for a few hours.

This dessert is best served cold. Sprinkle with brown sugar and lime peel.


Source: La Voix du Nord


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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