Diplomático rum Selección de Familia, “the most French of Venezuelan rums”

A premiere reserved for France, Selección de Familia, by Diplomático is “the most French of Venezuelan rums”. Discover it here.

With Selección de Familia, Diplomático pursues its ascent in the French market despite the difficulties and uncertainties of the current period.

The Venezuelan rum brand has enjoyed success in France for the past 10 years, where independent cellars have helped consumers discover the richness and complexity of this rum. Therefore, to strengthen this link with the French consumer, Diplomático created Selección de Familia, a unique and exclusive reference.

Selección de Familia is a rum created by Diplomático’s Master Rum Blenders “Maestros Roneros”, for French cellars. The Maestros created a blend of flavors from different rums selected with the most sophisticated nuances. Several tastings were made during the maturation process to obtain an optimal and unique blend.

José Rafael Ballesteros Melendez, CEO of Ron Diplomático, explains that they made Selección de Familia “with the aim of paying tribute to Diplomático’s unique family character.”

This is the first time that Diplomático ages a rum in former bourbon and sherry barrels. This rum is made mainly from sugar cane honeys (90%) and molasses (10%). The distillation process took place in copper stills (complex rums) and in distillation column stills (medium and light rums), creating a rum with a spicy and dry profile.


Tasting Notes

Nose: cane honey, red fruits, vanilla, oak.

Taste: plums, caramel.

Finish: round and persistent.




Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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