This sake is created in Sydney by a craft brewery

Although not the first sake produced in Australia, Yulli’s Brew creates a particularly different sake for its contemporary style. They currently produce two types of sake: nigorizake and seishu.

Yulli’s Brew was founded in 2014 by James Harving and Karl Cooney. The brewery is popular in New South Wales and its goal is to produce beer that is both delicious to drink on its own and to accompany a dining experience.

The eight-person team includes Chiho, who is responsible for the brewery’s diversification. Because at Yulli’s Brew they also create Kombucha and now Sake. According to James Harvey, Chiho expressed to the team his interest in homemade sake. It was not planned and coincided with the monthly markets within the brewery.


Yulli’s Brew Sake Range

The brewery produces two types of sake, which took nine months to produce.

  • Thylacine Seishu: traditional style more similar to Junmai (pure rice sake). It is delicate and smooth and is accompanied by notes of melon, peach and jasmine. It goes well with ramen and curris.
  • Diprotodon Nigorizake: a more turbid sake with aromas of green apple and a very present acidity. Naturally carbonated, goes very well with desserts, as well as a digestive.

The products to create this sake grow in Sydney, such as koji (fermented) rice by Enokido Miso. On the other hand, medium grain rice comes from New South Wales.

Sake is available now at the brewery and at specific Sydney retailers.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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