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Who is Youlin Ly? Sake expert and passionate about Japan

Photo: © Presse Youlin Ly

Sake ambassador in Paris, Youlin Ly is passionate about the Land of the Rising Sun and its beverages, making them known in France.

Youlin Ly has been involved in the heart of well-known Parisian establishments. As an example, La Maison du Saké et Sola, Guilo Guilo, the Sakebar and the pastry shop Ciel. Through his knowledge of sake, and as an ambassador, he contributes to expanding the French community’s knowledge of this alcohol.

He found himself in Japan at a very young age, when he was only 16 years old. Youlin Ly set foot in the city of Kyoto, and even offered to drink sake in wine glasses. Thanks to opportunities and fate, he made connections with people that led him to become an entrepreneur.

He recently confessed to Julie Gerbet on the podcast “A Poêle” in collaboration with ELLE à Table magazine. Find out here (in French).


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