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Video: 5 personal tips from Elliot Faber to appreciate whisky

In this video of the magazine “Hong Kong Tatler“, Elliot Faber shows from his knowledge of this spirit and his experience to give 5 tips to better appreciate the whiskey.

Whiskey is a complex drink that incorporates several flavors and aromas. Elliot Faber, Director of Beverages at Yardbird and Ronin, and Senior Whiskey Advisor at Zachys Auction House, is fully aware of this.

The first tip, check the origin (Scotland, USA, Japan) of the drink that has a significant impact on taste.

Then, the focus is on the choice of glasses that can influence the quality of the tasting. Some amplify more than others the aromas.

The following tip recommends sniff the whiskey before sipping it. Be careful not to get the glass too close to the nose to better smell the scents developed by the liquor.

Do not mix necessarily the whiskey before drinking, even if it is a very used ingredient in the preparation of cocktails. Make it a habit to consume it alone by adding a little water.

Finally as a fifth tip, Elliot Faber recommends drinking the whiskey slowly to soak up the flavors present in the drink. Taking your time in the tasting is the best way to get the most out of a whiskey.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.