the world's smallest whisky bar

Meet the world’s smallest whisky bar

Would you believe us if we told you that you’d find some of the best whiskies here? It’s time you met the world’s smallest whisky bar.

With only five chairs to accommodate its clientele, the bar nestled on the Italian-Swiss border in the alpine village of Val Mustair offers more than 300 bottles of whisky. Lord Gunter Sommer, travels constantly to keep the bar stocked with the best whiskies.

Sommer makes his own car journey from Val Mustair to Scotland to import the bottles of whisky for his bar. During his travels he looks for unusual distilleries. And not only that, Sommer also returns to his village with ingredients to distil: a little peat from no less than Bowmore, some spring water, and even patented barrels.

In the smallest whisky bar in the world everything is made so that the whisky rests in the best conditions. On the shelves, Sommer added LED lights to illuminate them, while heat pads from the Chinese space shuttles keep the temperature of the room without overheating the whiskies.

Originally called the Smallest Whisky Bar on Earth, the bar is open on weekends upon request. It can accommodate about 40 people, that is 5 sitting and about 30 standing. But in the summer, visitors gather at the entrance on the cobblestone tracks.

Sommer tells Food And Wine that he has 90 glasses in the bar. “And sometimes I count on no glasses at all, because they’re all out in the summer.” “People come in and want a whiskey and I tell them to go get someone with an empty glass and clean it up. This goes on until 5 in the morning.”

Beyond receiving its clientele on weekends, this place receives renowned whiskey tasters and organizes tasting events.

Are you ready to meet the smallest whisky bar in the world? It’s a long trip, but it’s worth it!


Smallest Whisky Bar on Earth

Plaz 71 – CH 7536 Sta. Maria V.M.

Tel: +41(0)76 4220308 –


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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