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Discovery of the “Le Basalte” bar of Maison Noilly Prat

On the occasion of its bicentenary, Maison of Noilly Prat has inaugurated a new museum, in which the public can discover the “Basaltbar: an invitation to discover and taste. To learn a little more about this place, we asked Kelly Bevan, deputy site manager, four questions.



View of “le Basalte”‘s bar.


Spirits Hunters: How are you going about your cocktail workshop ?

Kelly Bevan: The first part is dedicated to the visit of the Maison Noilly Prat with an explanation of the history of our House and our Vermouth’a creation. After a tasting of our entire range, we join Bar Basalt, which was made especially for masters classes. Each person has its own bar station with all the equipments and spirits. Thus the barman is going to invite every participant to put on an apron and to quench thirst with a glass of water. He takes advantage of it to explain why we advocate responsible consumption, through simple gestures such as the use of jiggers to regulate its consumption but also to redo the cocktails to the same. Then he will explain the different products and utensils, as well as the different methods to make a cocktail. After that, he’ll prepare a cocktail with a mixing glass and another one with a shaker. Then each participant can practice to make these creations under the advice of the bartender who remains at their disposal to help them.

The bartender is member of the Maison Noilly Prat, passionate about our Vermouth, he is eager to make discover his job through professional gestures.


What are his favorite recipes ?

We make the Classic Dry Martini Cocktail, from the famous James Bond, but also more original creations like French Eder Flower Martini.


Dry Martini cocktail



Here is the recipe for Dry Basil Smash :

3 cl of Bombay Sapphire gin,

2 cl Noilly Prat Original Dry

2 cl of fresh lemon juice

3 cl of egg white

1 cl cane sugar

8 fresh basil leaves


To make in the shaker, served on ice in a tumbler.


Can you describe your audience ?

There is no particular audience for this workshop reserved for adults, it pleases both locals and tourists. This remains one of our bestsellers for stag or bachelorette parties.



Preparation of a workshop.


Do you have a secret to reveal to us to improve a cocktail ?

Always use a Jigger, and especially favor good ingredients. Ice will also be important because poor quality ice will melt quickly and dilute the flavors of your cocktail.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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