blind tasting bourbon

Five steps to discovering your favorite bourbon

Do you doubt the bourbon you’d like to taste? Here are five steps for you to learn how to discover your favourite bourbon. Blind!

A blind tasting allows you to discover in depth other aspects of alcohol. Being blind, all our senses are sharpened, namely smell and taste. You will need help from someone else to carry out the experiment, which can be a group.

You will need:

  • Small brown bottles and funnel
  • Various colored labels
  • Paper and pen
  • At least three different bourbon
  • A notebook -optional-

1. Designate one person as moderator and have him or her pour the bourbon samples into the brown bottles. At least 15 ml per person. Each bottle will be labeled with a number.

2. The moderator writes down the key to which each bourbon and number corresponds and hides the paper.

3. The moderator does not look. Someone else has to sort the bottles, so there’s no way of knowing which is which.

4. Assign a different label color to each bottle so you have a blue bottle, a red bottle, and a yellow bottle, for example.

5. The tasting begins. Whoever serves the bourbon should hide the number well in the bottom of the bottle.

Then you can start taking notes on each bourbon you tasted. Once everyone has tasted it, the moderator will lead the discussion on the tasting.


What’s to keep in mind?

  • What did you like the most?
  • What taste notes you discovered in the bourbon
  • You can try guessing which bourbon corresponds to which bottle.
  • A blind tasting can help you develop or sophisticated an appreciation of this drink.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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