the best shoes adapted for bartenders

The 5 best shoes for bartenders this year 2019

A list of the best bartender shoes, which bring together comfort, style and protection from spilled drinks and dirt around.

Men’s shoes for bartenders

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6″ Vibram Boot: an excellent quality shoe for men at the bar. In addition to having good style has a good amortization and support. The shoe is made of 100 percent leather and the stitching is of very good quality. In addition, they are tough and durable, and also fit comfortably on the foot for flexibility and leaves plenty of room. However, a negative point is that it is not waterproof and the price is a bit high.

The 5 best shoes for bartenders this year 2019


Men’s and women’s shoes for bartenders

Crocs Bistro Clog: for those looking for comfort, support and a unisex shoe. The Crocs brand creates this Bistro Clog model for restaurants and bars. It has a non-slip band specially designed by Crocs. This way the user feels safer, as it protects from slips, something essential for a bartender. Inside the shoe there is a toe trap to secure the thumb in place. Also, to protect from splashes has a layer on the metatarsal. The material is quality, durable and lightweight. In addition, you can easily clean them with soap and water.

The 5 best shoes for bartenders this year 2019


Women’s shoes for bartenders

Dansko XP 2.0 Clog: a very famous brand, Dansko, creates this model for women, a good selection for those looking for a lightweight shoe and style. In addition, it complies with a heel protection, so that it moves up and down comfortably and freely. It also provides stability for complicated movements. Its material is Nubuck leather and treated with Scotchgard 3M protection technology, which provides resistance to stains. Flexibility and a foam shape complement this shoe for amortization and support.

The 5 best shoes for bartenders this year 2019


Well-known brand shoes for bartenders

Dr. Martens 1460 for women 8 buttonholes: are considered as the best bartender shoes for women. Their durability is excellent, they are oil resistant and non-slip. It is also a very comfortable shoe with a beautiful style and elegant with character. Its material is leather and is surprisingly light although it does not seem so because of its rough appearance. It provides excellent support by its height, at ankle level and thanks to its upper leather. A good investment despite its price and unique availability in black.

The 5 best shoes for bartenders this year 2019


New Balance for men MID626K2: New Balance, renowned brand of sports shoes create this shoe ultra comfortable for men and slip resistant. The MID62K62 is made of 100 percent leather which provides a soft instep. The sole is made of rubber and is very durable. It also has another midsole called Imeva, which gives an extra soft feel. It is possible to select its color but the only negative aspect may be its weight and the existence of sizes.

The 5 best shoes for bartenders this year 2019


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