rolls royce champagne chest

Taste champagne like never before

Rolls Royce takes you on an epicurean journey. In fact, you will be able to taste champagne.

On the one hand, the brand always innovates in luxury. You have to know that. On the other hand, they created the most expensive champagne dispenser. Yes, that’s right! This “Champagne Chest” is designed to be transformed with a button. You will be able to taste champagne from this suitcase that transforms into a set of champagne perfectly decorated for four people.

The lid metamorphoses into a beautiful serving tray. It has two side hammocks that automatically unfold with your favorite set of caviar, canapés and champagne. They are also beautifully cooled by thermal coolers. And to complete, four Rolls-Royce cotton napkins are discreetly tucked underneath.

Taste champagne like never before

Rolls Royce

It is a luxurious piece made in tudor oak and black leather for the most demanding and who wish to have at hand what you need for outings on a yacht, to a park or weekend ride in a convertible.

And what champagne would you take inside? Here’s a selection of the most beautiful and expensive champagne bottles.

To obtain it, just head to the RR website and make a request:


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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