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3 cocktails to inaugurate the spring season

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Spring is almost here! Put your creativity to work and create these refreshing cocktails to welcome the season. Read more here.

Hopefully we’ll have more sunshine than winter this spring, and for that, better enjoy a cocktail with seasonal fruits and refreshing ingredients. Here we show you three cocktail recipes to prepare. Via Gourmet de Mexico.



A cocktail for fruit lovers like strawberry and mango.


2/3 Rum

Strawberry/handle infusion

Natural syrup

Green lemon juice

Ginger Ale

Type of glass

Old Fashioned


Add ginger ale to the glass. Then mix the other ingredients and finish by adding ice.


Cherry Spritz

The spritz has many versions. Here is a version of the spritz with vodka and cherry.


45ml vodka

Maraschino cherry liqueur

3 lemon slices

1 maraschino cherry

Mineral water

Tonic water

Type of glass

Spritz (or wine)


Add ice cubes to the spritzer cup. Then mix the vodka and liquor in equal parts of mineral water and tonic water. Finish by serving and decorating with cherries and lemon.



Perfect for lovers of mescal and strong fruits like grapefruit.


45 ml of mezcal

60 ml grapefruit juice

1 teaspoon of honey

2 basil leaves

Mineral water

Black pepper twist

Type of glass



Pre-cool the glass with ice, rim with honey.

In a shaker, add mezcal, grapefruit, honey, basil and ice. Shake well. Then strain the contents into the glass. Finish by grinding black pepper on top.


Let’s taste!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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