6 Cocktails Experiencing Forgetfulness and Longing Around the World

Must of the trendy cocktails of today are underrated. While many of the classic drinks are experiencing a renaissance, these are coming back as evolutions of these old traditional versions.





This “simply but perfect” cocktail might actually be an adaptation of the Daisy in the 1930’s. However, its name started gaining popularity due to the television program “Sex and the City”. Apparently, along with the show’s oblivion, the Cosmopolitan cocktail got swept off as well.


Rusty Nail



This citric cocktail has a mix of Drambuie and Scotch whisky. It was included in Difford’s Guide Top 100 Cocktails of 2013, although now it is paying a real tribute to its « rusty » name.





The lover of a goddess Aphrodite in the Greek mythology is also the name of a cocktail served in a Martini glass. It was in 1887 when this cocktail was first introduced after the success of a Broadways musical of the same name.





Style always comes back in style; cocktails are not the exception. This violet gin cocktail originated in the 20th century and bartenders are yearning for it.




After its renaissance period in the 90’s, the Brooklyn has started to experience another forgotten era. Now must customers feel like having more Mojitos instead. This drink contains whiskey, dry vermouth and maraschino liqueur with a dash of Angostura bitters.





Known as the Martini cocktail cousin. This is a gin drink with dry vermouth, and yellow Chartreuse. It includes an intensely herbal French liqueur, and bitter orange. The Alaska is one of the drinks experiencing an increase on preference over the last year, specialty in the USA.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.