mule without alcohol

A recipe for a non-alcoholic cocktail by Monsieur Cocktail

A cocktail recipe created by Patrice Plante from Monsieur Cocktail, without alcohol, a healthier way to taste, without complex and without judgment.

With the preparation of this cocktail, Patrice Plante answers a series of questions that arise from confinement: Can we abstain for a moment? Will alcohol-free transform our vision of cocktails? Can we drink without alcohol without complexes or judgments?

It is at the same time that Plante asks these questions that renowned colleagues from the Montreal scene in Canada are releasing a non-alcoholic gin, the HP Juniper, by Patrick Cool and Valerian Roy. Or that they promote alcohol-free cocktails such as the Max Coubès bartender through the platform.


Alcohol-free Gin Mule


2 oz of alcohol-free gin

1 oz of ginger syrup

3 oz of sparkling water

Garnish: green lemon or mint for decoration

Type of glass: Copper cup or Highball or Collins


Add in a copper cup or glass filled with ice, all the main ingredients except the water. Mix with a toothpick or a bar spoon until your fingers feel cold when you touch the glass. Complete with soda water. Decorate with a slice of lemon and fresh mint.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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