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The Godfather cocktail, the godfather of mixology

Simple yet sophisticated, the Godfather cocktail has only two ingredients…learn more about The Godfather of mixology here.

Inspiring as the movie character, the Godfather cocktail is a tribute made by multiple bars around the world.

“The Godfather,” emerged during the 1970s. It quickly became a popular cocktail due to the effervescence of Francis Ford-Coppola’s The Godfather movie. Decades later the cocktail continues to enjoy its fame.

The Godfather cocktail has only two ingredients: Scotch whisky and amaretto liqueur, stirred in a glass with ice. That’s all there is to it. There are no fancy techniques, no shaker, and not even a mixer.

The glass in which you drink it is the only dish to wash. Simple and straightforward cocktail, but classic and sophisticated. It speaks for itself.

The best occasion to enjoy the Godfather cocktail will be an elevated mixology hour when you can pair it perfectly with desserts thanks to its sweetness conferred by the amaretto liqueur, which usually has a nutty flavor derived from apricots or almonds.

For its part, the Scotch whisky brings the smooth side of honey and the smoky but not overpowering side, providing a complex and dynamic profile to the cocktail. And since both spirits (scotch and amaretto) are great on their own on the rocks, the combination is perfect.


Godfather Cocktail Recipe

-Via Tasting Table


Three parts of Scotch whisky,
One part amaretto liqueur,


Stir with a bar spoon in a rocks glass with ice.

Garnish with an orange twist, a candied cherry, or a candied lemon peel.


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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