This is the best recipe for the Grasshopper cocktail you’ll ever make

We bring you the best Grasshopper cocktail recipe you’ll ever make, every step to perfection for this classic mint cocktail.

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But first, a little history

History of the Grasshopper Cocktail

His hometown is New Orleans, or at least that’s what most historical records tell us, in a bar called Tujague’s. According to food historian Poppy Tooker in an article on the history of the Grasshopper for Eater, it seems that the Grasshopper cocktail began to be served in 1919 at this bar. And his name, of course, comes from his greenish color.

At that time brandy was used at the top with the technique known as floating.


Grasshopper Preparation

With a bit of history in our hands we are ready to create this milky cocktail that looks like a milkshake or milkshake, but for grown-ups!

The Grasshopper does not use any hard liquor, it only needs two creams of liquor such as mint cream and coca cream.

Additionally a touch of cream for the most original. The simplest part of the recipe is that it requires equal parts of each ingredient. But if you want to add a strong liquor to appreciate the flavor of some spirit, you can add vodka or white rum.

Let’s get to work!



1 oz Green mint cream

1 oz White cocoa cream

1 oz heavy cream

Ice cubes


A mint sprig

Type of glass

Coupe Old Fashioned


Cocktail shaker



Add ingredients, except mint, to shaker and add ice. Shake the shaker and filter the ingredients in the previously cooled glass. All that’s left is to add the mint branch for the garnish. Garnish, taste and enjoy!


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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