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Summer Cocktails: five recipes by bartenders from around the world

For our summer cocktails section today we bring five cocktails made by bartenders from around the world.

Bartenders from all over the world are creating their summer cocktails to enjoy the season. From classics, to twisted classics to original cocktail recipes, we bring you five recipes to enjoy.


Five Summer Cocktails You Should Taste Right Now

Discover these summer cocktails made by renowned bartenders.


French 75

By Marco Dongi: @cocktailsbymarcodongi

A traveler bartender, currently based in Dubai, Marco has been in the Top 10 list of bartenders by World Class Italia.

A little bit about this summer cocktail.

An old recipe but a classic, this cocktail based on Champagne has the perfect amount of refreshment to keep cool for this summer.

An already vibrant drink with a twist of chamomile (colored syrup) to give it a new energetic personality



Chamomile Syrup

Lemon Juice




The Vineyard Smash

By Noah Heath: @ndh_creative

About his summer cocktails, “The Vineyard Smash”, Noah says:

This is a riff on a whiskey smash (whiskey, mint and lemon), subbing in Gin & Club Soda to keep things light and bubbly. Using the same guide – spirit, citrus, and herbs – this was the opportunity to play around with a great new ingredient, grape nectar. This stuff packs a fantastic grape punch that fits nicely into this cocktail.

In the spirit of the original, I used a bourbon barrel aged citrus gin, red grapes (feel free use whatever variety you like), and rosemary to create a layered sipping cocktail that would be great on its on.

This one gets elevated to patio status by topping it with club soda to lengthen the drink and give you those pleasant bubbles that carry the rosemary and lemon.”


2.25 oz Citrus Gin

1 oz Grape Nectar

10 Red Table Grapes

5 Lemon cut into chunks

1 Rosemary Sprig

Club Soda


Add grapes, lemon and rosemary to a mixing glass and muddle. Add in gin and grape nectar. Top with cracked ice and stir to combine. Strain into a rocks glass with fresh crushed ice, then top with club soda. Garnish with a rosemary and grape sprig. Enjoy!



So fine, So fresh

By Bartender Diego Cabrera @diegocabrerabartender

He is the bartender of World’s Best 50 Bars and Michter’s Award @salmonguru, @salmongurudubai and I+D+consulting at Guru Lab Madrid

The name says it all, fresh cocktail for summer time.


Gin with citronella and kefir lime

Violet Liquor

Lemon juice

Coconut water

Bay Syrup

Matcha tonic water



Flower Power Cocktail

By Demitria Dana Paramita @demetria_ramona, from Singapore, SG Bacardi Legacy Champion 2020.

The Flower Power is a whisky-based cocktail with a hint of fruit.


Triple Malt Scotch Whiskey


Orange acid,


Salted pink guava foam




By Bartender Courtney Francis @_courtney_francis_, head bartender at Ojo Rojo, 46th best bar in the UK @ojorojobmouth

For the last of our summer cocktails shortlist, we bring the Zapalotl, reserve it for an special occasion, it’s a blend of tropical flavors such as banana and coconut.



Banana Liqueur

Chocolate Bitters

Acid Blend

Blackened Banana Coconut Soda


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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