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Cocktails, Christmas and music! Four recipes by mixologist Fanny Gauthier

Cocktails for Christmas? Of course! We bring you these recipes from the mixologist Fanny Gauthier for your festivities.

It’s already December and with the arrival of this month comes Christmas, time to enjoy with family, among friends, take a few days off. And despite the situation, confinement, pandemic and everything that happens, the best thing is to take a break. Tasting delicious things and preparing drinks with our loved ones sounds great. So we propose you these cocktail recipes and some Christmas songs that you can discover.


Four cocktail recipes for Christmas  by Fanny Gauthier

Isabelle la Belle Cocktail


-15 ml of lemon juice

-2 mint leaves

-45 ml of white mint cream

-90 ml of white cranberry juice

-90 ml of tonic water

Garnish: a head of mint, powdered sugar

Preparation: add all the ingredients in a shaker except the tonic water. Add ice and stir energetically for 8 – 10 seconds. Pour the content into a glass of wine and add a top of tonic water.


Cocktail La crème de la crème


-15 ml of pistachio syrup

-45 ml of ice cream

-60 ml liquid cream

-60 ml of milk

-60 ml of coffee

Preparation: add all the ingredients in a shaker. Shake vigorously for about 8-10 seconds. Strain with a strainer into a glass-type glass.


Punk Punch Time Cocktail!

Ingredients – for 6 persons

-150 ml of lemon juice

-150 ml of orange syrup with spices

-6 branches of rosemary

-4 cinnamon sticks

-2 tablespoons of frozen cranberries

-300 ml of Caberne-Sauvignon wine

-360 ml cranberry-raspberry juice

Preparation: Put all the ingredients in a large punch bowl. Leave to infuse in the fridge for at least 2 hours. You can decorate with mint leaves and sprinkle with powdered sugar.


Cocktail Des bulles, des agrumes… et des bulles !


-15 ml of lemon juice

-30 ml of limoncello

-90 ml pink grapefruit juice

-120 ml of Chardonnay sparkling

Preparation: add all the ingredients except the sparkling wine in a shaker. Add ice and stir energetically for 8-10 seconds. Filter with a strainer into a champagne flute. Add top of sparkling Chardonnay.

Garnish: squeeze an orange peel over the glass.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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