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Historic Cocktails: whisky-based cocktail with Sandy Macdonald

We present some special, ancient historic cocktail recipes, compiled directly from the booklet “puis le gas y dit” by Distillers Corporation Seagrams Limited of Montreal.

The recipes included in this book were found and tasted in law firms of connoisseurs, hotel club experts and world-renowned hotels of the time. Divided into five parts according to the spirit base from gin, Scotch whisky, Canadian and American rye to bourbon.


Sandy Macdonald Old Highland Whisky

Owned by Diageo since 1925, the Sandy Macdonald brand with the Sandy Macdonald blend was created by the former Edinburgh whisky company Alexander & Macdonald in the year it was founded in 1840.

Although they are no longer produced, the bottles appear on whisky auction sites. You may see one of them on the shelves of a Paraguayan liquor store located in the deepest part of Latin America.


The story reads as follows:

My friend took me to a football game… There were fifteen thousand people to look at about twenty young people who had a kind of ball about the size of a little pumpkin… they beat it as they ran in a field of a few acres… then they stopped from time to time to put’a pile in the mud… they walked on each other’s faces while the crowd screamed like mad Rà! Rà! Rà!

Well, it’s okay… but it was freighting cold there too in the wind. And that made my friend say as we leave: To warm up, we take a Sandy Macdonald“. ”


The Macdonald

Suggested by Lionel the Cocktail expert from the famous Trocadero restaurant, London, England.


1/2 Sandy Macdonald Whiskey

1/2 Ginger wine


Pilnius Cocktail

Suggested by the owner of Hotel Pilnius, Milan, Italy.


1 part Sandy Macdonald Whisky

1 part Jamaican Rum

1/2 part orange juice

1 piece of lemon peel

Ice fragments


Although this edition of Sandy Macdonald is difficult to find, there are other versions of Sandy Macdonald whisky on auction:


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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