Kratom or how to diversify in times of Covid

Kratom, the tropical plant with stimulating effects replaced alcoholic cocktails during the pandemic in Bangkok.

Non-alcoholic cocktails seduced more palates during the pandemic with the ban on alcohol sales during this period to fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

So the managers of certain establishments had to reinvent themselves by offering non-alcoholic drinks, from coffee to sodas. For example, Teens of Thailand offers mocktails made from kratom, a plant of the same family as coffee. This plant stimulates the same brain receptors as morphine but with much lighter effects.

It should be noted that the plant was removed from the list of drugs. Used for centuries in Southeast Asia, the government decided to remove this plant from banned products last August.

In addition, the prices of these non-alcoholic cocktails varied compared to the classic cocktails. A glass of this cocktail cost four dollars against eleven dollars for a gin and tonic…

As the time for the country’s reopening approaches, Teens customers enjoy their kratom drinks.

One customer sips a mango-lime concoction topped with honey foam, served in a beeswax cup, with the slight bitterness of the kratom leaves balanced by the fruity sweetness.

At the end of the bar, Pord, 40, tries his first Tiger Ear, a drink made with kratom, soda water and lime. “It tastes like sour plum. It’s refreshing,” he told AFP.

A bartender prepares a kratom-based cocktail at the Teens of Thailand bar in Bangkok, on October 9, 2021 – Photo by Jack TAYLOR AFP


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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