Non-alcoholic tonic cocktails for a three-day summer detox

Non-alcoholic tonic cocktails for a three-day summer detox

Summer is coming and we’re looking to detox to get in shape, so we propose non-alcoholic tonic cocktails for a three-day summer detox recipes for a three-day (or more!) detox.

 It’s always good to try detox drinks. These non-alcoholic tonic cocktails allow you to enjoy a tasteful alternative and take a break from alcohol for a few days.


Three Non-Alcoholic Tonic Cocktails Recipes


Lime and tonic

It’s perfect for cleansing after dinner, cleansing the palate and will aid digestion. As well as being very refreshing.

-Fresh lime juice

-Tonic water


Prepare a tumbler or collins glass with ice, then add the fresh lime juice and finish with the tonic water.


Coffee and Tonic

Perfect for the afternoon, energy booster and it is also diuretic.

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Cold coffee or cold espresso

Tonic water


Mix equal parts cold coffee and tonic water, or if you wish add more than one of the two ingredients to balance it to your liking. We usually add a long shot of espresso over the tonic for layered drinks.

Fruit Juice with tonic

You can add the tonic of your choice to any fruit juice.


Tonic with herbal syrup

Choose a variety of herbal syrups, such as mint, rosemary, or elderflower to mix with tonic water. Or for example with homemade lavender syrup.


30 or 60 ml of lavender syrup*.

Top of tonic water

*Lavender syrup

-1 cup of water

-3 tablespoons of dried or fresh lavender flowers

-2 cups of sugar

Preparation: boil water and lavender in a saucepan. Lower the heat and mix until the sugar is completely dissolved. Reduce for about 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and remove the pot, let it cool for at least one hour until it acquires the desired taste.

Pour the lavender syrup into a bottle and keep it in a refrigerator.

Preparation of the cocktail

Add in a glass with ice the lavender syrup, and top with tonic to taste.


Sparkling tonic apple cider tonic – recipe by

Another one of the non-alcoholic tonic cocktails recipes will do you incredible good. It contains no sugar and has ingredients that will only benefit you. The tonic water will add a nice sparkling touch and is quick and easy to prepare.


Fresh yellow lemon juice

Apple cider vinegar

Cayenne pepper

Turmeric powder

Tonic water


Add water in a shaker. Add the vinegar and squeeze the lemon. Add turmeric powder and a dash of cayenne pepper. Add an ice cube and shake. Serve in a short glass, filtering the contents. Finish by adding a top of tonic water and garnish with a slice of lemon.


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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