cócteles de primavera - spring cocktails - cocktails pour le printemps

Spring cocktails as suggested by London bartenders

Seize the season to make use of seasonal ingredients that will create the best spring cocktails, according to these London bartenders.

These four bartenders are recommending spring cocktails that will be served this season in London, so why not bring them to your home or taste them directly at the bar?

Photos: Luciano Cardinale


Four Spring Cocktails

Have a taste of the season through these spring cocktails.


1. Hibiscus and Gaujillo

By Chris Tanner, Silverleaf


30 ml of mezcal

15 ml of dry vermouth

15 ml of hibiscus x cacao*.

Pinch of mole bitters

5 ml of gomme syrup (gum)

2.5ml chili tincture (or add chili to taste)

*Hibiscus x Cacao

375ml Water

225g sugar

150g agave

20g dried hibiscus

10g cocoa nibs

5g coriander seeds

1 cinnamon stick

3ml citric acid

In a pan, toast the spices until fragrant. Add the water, sugar and agave. Whisk vigorously to dissolve the sugars and let everything infuse at room temperature overnight, so the flavors marry.


Stir and strain, and serve in a glass.

Word of the Bartender: This Hibiscus and Guajillo is a mezcal mix, the vermouth gives it a nice fresh acidity and it’s full of spice and chili – we put the chili on the side at the bar, so people can add as much or as little as they want. Citrus is important this season, as always; spring is always a time to drink something fresh. 

Where? Silverleaf, 80 Houndsditch, EC3, panpacific.com


2. White House Negroni

By Antim Solakov, London Gin Club


25ml gin

25 ml of Martini riserva speciale ambrato vermouth

25 ml of aperitif Luxardo bitter bianco


Stir with ice, garnish with a slice of fig. Finish with a splash of bergamot liqueur.

Word of the Bartender: But this is a riff on a classic. Luxardo’s light, bitter spirit and ambrato vermouth-which is a special edition-make ours a little sweeter than a regular Negroni, so it could be an all-day drink. The only thing is that it has a high alcohol content, so best saved for after dinner.

Where? London Gin Club, 22 Great Chapel St, W1, londonginclub.com


3. Frothy Home Boi

By Jack Sotti, Sweeties


25ml tequila blanco

25 ml pink vermouth

25 ml rhubarb cordial

25 ml oat milk

1 teaspoon of powdered milk


Blend with ice until dissolved. Strain finely into a coupette, garnish with raspberry powder.

Word of the Bartender: It’s so bright, so aromatic, it’s definitely one to sip during the day. If you make it at home, try straining the rhubarb so it keeps longer. I think people pass on hangovers that ruin the morning after, so this one isn’t too alcoholic, which means you can also pair it more easily with food.

Where? Sweeties, 10 Argyle St, WC1, standardhotels.com


4. Rhubarb Spritz

By Roisin Stimpson, Nightjar


25 ml Aperol

10 ml of Amaro Santoni

25 ml of Amaro Santoni pre-mixed with 5 ml of Branca Menta

15 ml of St Germain elderflower liqueur

20 ml of rhubarb tonic.


Stir with ice.

Word of the Bartender: This is Nightjar’s take on the classic Aperol spritz, a drink we see time and time again in London’s parks and rooftops, a trend we don’t expect to die out in 2022.

Where? Nightjar, 49-51 Carnaby Street, W1, barnightjar.com


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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