The cocktails that will match your mood these special Holidays

It’s hard to tell in which mood we will all be this year after such a peculiar Year! These cocktails can match your mood and even, where you want to be.


Amaro Cocktail

A cocktail by Joseph Sinchomb, beverage director at Saint Leo, Oxford, Massachussets to stand cozy by the fire and keep you warm!

How to prepare it here.


Sparkling Wine Cocktail

Chelsea Gregore, owner and consultant at Drinkable Genius created this libation with a touch of bubbles: Champagne, Prosecco or cava, pick your favorite. A touch of sweetness from pear juice and a strong punch from absinthe.

Get the recipe here.


Photo by John Fornander



The Hojichai is a creation by Julia Momose, creative director at Kumiko Bar in Chicago. Stay light with this non-alcoholic cocktail, and maybe why not, add it to your Dry January cocktail list. Earthy notes, toasted baking spices… comforting cocktail based on roasted green tea.

Learn how to make it here.


Tequila, Beer and Citrus Cocktail

Tiffannie Barriere is a drinks educator at The Drinking Coach. Her cocktail recommendation for those who seek to travel with their minds to the sun during Christmas, is the Tequila, Beer and Citrus cocktail. The name says it all… Agave and tequila lovers as well as those with a keen palate for pepper will find their go-to cocktail here.

Get your shakers on, and follow the recipe here.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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