cócteles premezclados - premixed cocktails

5 premixed cocktails with or without alcohol for the weekend

The weekend is coming and you are looking for something to enjoy, these premixed cocktails with or without alcohol will change your routine. Discover them here.


1. Naughty Water Boozy Seltzers

Boozy waters, better known as seltzers or hard seltzers, are all the rage. Naughty offers three varieties, a combination of vodka and sparkling water. This brand has a low calorie content (72 calories) and 5% alcohol. You can choose from cranberry, passion fruit or blood orange flavors.


2. Miami Cocktail Co. Spritzes

The Miami Cocktail Company creates a variety of premixed cocktails wine-based spritz kind. Priced fairly inexpensively, they can be an easy and tasty option for Friday night or Saturday with friends. The drink is inspired by Miami Beach, and each one is made with clean ingredients and a vegan formula, as well as being packaged in BPA-free cans.


3. Seedlip non-alcoholic cocktails

The creators of Seedlip non-alcoholic distillates, launch this line of canned premixed cocktails without alcohol. To enjoy if you are driving or if you simply want to taste a non-alcoholic alternative. With Seedlip you will find Gin and Tonic, cucumber, lemongrass or grapefruit.


4. NIO Cocktails

With an interesting concept, NIO Cocktails offers ready-to-serve cocktails in an envelope. They can be stored in the fridge all week and will be waiting for you for the weekend. You can taste different flavors of classic cocktails: Negroni, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Tommy’s Margarita, Gimlet, Manhattan. Described by NIO as “the perfect introduction to Italian cocktail culture, or just fill your bar with six unbeatable favorites.”


5. Trip CBD Drinks

Taking a step forward in the world of beverages, CBD -cannabidiol- can be found in everything from beers to wine to alternatives like hard seltzers. Trip offers three flavors such as Elderberry Mint, Lemon Basil and Peach Ginger. They also offer a cold coffee version. A relaxing alternative for the weekend or afterwork.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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