miniature cocktails

These miniature cocktails are the ultimate experience

It’s a trend. Yes! We present you the miniature Cocktails. What are they and why are they a trend? We tell you everything.



Miniature cocktails have everyone talking. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, refreshing news like this about our beloved bar world is important. That’s why we tell you all about this trend that has been around for a while now.

Mixologists started this idea when restaurants in cities like New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., slowly introduced these cocktails. By 2014 we could already see many images of these miniature alcoholic drinks on Instagram. Although the fever from this trend stopped fizzing, it did not disappear.

But little by little the trend was growing. These cocktails are not exclusive to big-city gastropubs. Now, we can find them at your typical brunch spot from Minnesota to India.

To give you an idea: a menu of four to seven miniature cocktails ranges from $48 to $73. This is at the Tokyo Gen Yamamoto cocktail bar. The Gen, is known as one of the bars that started to adopt this trend. This place is excellent and the cocktails are as good as gourmet food.

In Singapore we also find the trend of miniature cocktails. You can enjoy this experience at Smoke & Mirrors the experimental cocktail bar with Jorge Conde as the head bartender. Original, his miniature drinks are served in small pony style glasses, that is, of a 142 ml measure (like a shot or a quarter pint). Cocktails vary in taste, and are prepared with a complementary alcohol and flavor: gimlet with bergamot for example.


But why choose this style of drink?

For Conde, “the idea of serving pony glasses is to drink more. The menu has eight ponies and it’s very easy to drink six as it’s the equivalent of a cocktail and a shot.” Basically it’s a way to taste better with more control.

People who have experienced Smoke & Mirrors’ ponies are very satisfied. Conde says, “At first people were confused. They asked ‘how small?’. Now most order a set of four, and the feedback has been great.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic the bar will continue for six more months with this cocktail menu. Then a new miniature cocktail set will be created with a different twist.


Miniature Cocktails at Home

With confinement many of us have become creative and this allows the trend of miniature cocktails to be reproduced even at home. An American social worker, Lisa Gottlieb, showed her skills in preparing miniature cocktails and food.

For Gottlieb, making miniature food “is relaxing for me and seems to help relieve the stress of those who enjoy watching my Instagram and Facebook posts from @liebslove.”


Have you tried miniature cocktails? Tell us about your experience!

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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