That's how colorful cocktails are created

This is how colorful galaxy cocktails are created

Have you ever wondered what ingredient bartenders use to create those colorful cocktails? We have the answer!

There are some drinks that only with their color provoke. Among them, the cocktails created with Butterfly Pea Tea. This ingredient is the secret behind all those colorful cocktails. It is a natural colorant for foods of Asian origin. Its blue-violet color is obvious and we love the color changes it brings to beverages. The secret lies in its PH level which is very delicate. When it comes into contact with acids such as lemon juice, it produces color changes such as indigo, purple, magenta-rose.

Butterfly Pea Tea takes its particular characteristic from the clitoral flower ternatea (known in Spanish as the blue conchita) and grows originally in Thailand. It is recognized as a multipurpose flower that helps in aspects of health and medicine as well as in the world of cocktails and food.

For his part, Stefan Dorn has proven the success of Butterfly Pea Tea. He discovered it on a trip to Southeast Asia. But the owner and founder of Bluechai already highly experienced in the flower, intends to create a blue gin based on the blue shell.

In New York, the cocktail bar Citroën uses the blue conchita to create cocktails such as Disco Nap, a beautiful fuchsia color.

In addition to being used in the creation of cocktails to provide special colors, specialists also use it to make tea. The blue conchita is vegan and naturally decaffeinated, and its taste is very similar to green tea but softer.

This is how colorful galaxy cocktails are created


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