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Three essential ingredients for summer cocktails for the perfect simple drink

Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

This is the week of the summer solstice and for you to spend the season light at cocktail hour it is important to know which ingredients to choose to prepare them.

Therefore you will be able to taste drinks that prevent your body temperature from changing and thus better adapt to the heat.

Renowned bartenders recommend for the summer season to keep the simplicity in the ingredients we add in a cocktail, as easy as reducing it to three ingredients. Another important factor is the alcohol or spirit we will choose. This year, gin is among the summer’s favorite spirits.

Now, what about the ingredients? We recommend among the three essential ingredients summer cocktails, lemon and orange, cherry too. It is important to add ice to the shaker during the preparation of some cocktails for a fresh and soft drink. If they are accompanied by juices, they must be previously cooled. We should also be wise when adding ice to our cocktails to prevent them from turning to water too quickly.

Finally, these cocktails are ideally designed for summer, they are called Low A.B.V. or low alcohol by volume cocktails, an example of which are the Shims cocktails.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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