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What is the “Fauci Pouchy” cocktail and why is it called that?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Fauci Pouchy cocktail. But you’re wondering where it comes from and why it’s called that? Find out here.

The Washingtonian describes the drink as “a Capri Sun-like cocktail for coronavirus times.”

Where does the name come from? Anthony Fauci is the epidemiologist advising the White House on the coronavirus crisis in America. The doctor has become a sympathetic figure to Americans, to the point that they have created a number of items such as T-shirts and games, even cocktails in his name, namely the “Fauci Pouchy”.

The Faucy Pouchy cocktail is thus an espresso martini sold in packages with Anthony Fauci’s face printed on them.

The drink is sold at the Capo Italian Deli in Washington D.C. which has a speakeasy backroom. Fauci Pouchy comes packaged in a pouch as a Capri Sun and can be obtained in home delivery or take-out. Each pouch contains 14 oz of the cocktail, which is about two drinks and costs $14.

But before the espresso martini there was an early version of the Fauci Pouchy cocktail, a vodka-mint lemonade. Among other flavors there is sweet tea bourbon and strawberry gin. The drinks came out of the need to creatively use certain ingredients. Like the surplus of lemons, to create the lemonade. Or the cold brew and the vanilla Grey Goose vodka for the espresso.

The cocktail is a success so far and already Capo Italian Deli sells over 300 packs to Washingtonians on Saturday nights to. Have you tried it? Tell us what you think!


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