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5 things you should know about Navy Strength Gin

What is a Navy Strength gin? El Profesor teaches you five things you should know about this intense style of gin made for cocktails.

Today, the term Navy Strength refers to spirits, usually rum and gin, bottled at 57% alcohol by volume.


1. The term Navy Strength is associated with Navy Rum whose alcohol content is 57% and like gin both drinks used to be loaded on ships in the 19th century.


2. Navy Strength gin is also qualified by the level known as proof, it has to have at least a level of 114 proof (or 57% alcohol by volume). Doubtful of the quality, the term proof was used by sailors to prove that the gin they loaded on their ships was of good quality. If it burned with a clear flame, this was proof that the spirit was of sufficient quality.


3. The British Navy legislated that there should be a specific amount of gin on board each ship they took to sea.


4. Although this gin is associated to the 18th century, the term Navy Strength takes this name in 1993, named by Plymouth Gin in 1993 as a marketing strategy and for gins bottled at a minimum grade of 57.1 %.


5. Navy Strength gins are perfect for cocktails, especially cocktails with citrus notes, where this type of gin usually stands out more than other cocktails.

Some recipes are:

-Gimlet (gin, green lemon juice and simple syrup).

-Gin & Tonic (good quality tonic, tonic syrup, soda, ice, squeeze of green lemon)

-Southside (juice of green lemon, sugar syrup and mint garnish).

-Saturn (lemon juice, horchata, yellow lemon juice, mashed passion fruit or syrup, Velvet Falernum and ice).


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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