Gin Distillation: here are 4 methods

Let’s discover the different methods for gin distillation, the spirit or distilled alcoholic beverage that gets its predominant flavor from juniper berries.

Gin is used to produce gin-based flavored liqueurs, such as sloe gin. This is traditionally done by adding fruit, flavoring, and sugar… but today we’re going to talk about gin in mixology instead.

Gin is also often used as a base spirit for cocktails. It’s a very versatile spirit, and we can’t stop talking about it all year long even outside of the summer season.

Types of gin :

  • London Dry
  • Dry Gin
  • Distilled gin
  • Sloe Gin
  • Plymouth Gin
  • Navy Strength Gin


Gin Distillation Methods

Maceration Distillation Method: This method of distilling gin involves placing the distillate in a still, which is a vessel in which the liquid can be placed to heat it with the juniper and botanicals, allowing the ingredients to macerate and adding water. Some London Dry style brands often use this technique. There are differences in the time it takes to distill the herbs, usually 48 hours, some brands distill in 24 hours and many distill directly without waiting.

Steam infusion method: this time the herbs are not distilled with the drink, they are placed in another still over the base alcohol and as the alcohol evaporates they are mixed. This technique tends to leave the gin smoother. Several well-known brands use this technique.

Combination of the above two processes: This technique of separating the botanicals involves doing the two processes separately and then combining the product. Hendricks Gin typically distills its product in this manner.

Vacuum distillation: in the case of gin, vacuum distillation means seeking lower temperatures for the boiling process in the base spirit, so the botanicals will be cooked more slowly and with less boiling compared to the other processes, resulting in a fresher final product.


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