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Study launched to evaluate gin flavor profiles

The University of Nottingham is working on a research project to evaluate gin flavor profiles with the help of British distilleries.

The year-long project will be led by Dr. Hebe Parr, a research scientist with the Flavour Research Group. Her mission will be to evaluate gin flavor profiles of various UK gins by separating, identifying and quantifying flavor compounds in the samples through gas chromatography*.

*Gas chromatography (GC) is a separation technique that allows us to determine the different components of a complex sample formed by volatile compounds.Gabriel Martorell and Trinidad García

Understanding the flavor composition of a gin variety can contribute to product development by identifying the unique aspects of each range. This form of analysis also makes it possible to identify undesirable flavor compounds by allowing selective reduction of their perception.


Gin Flavor Project: Calling on distillers across the UK

Gin producers in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire have contributed samples to the project. Dr. Parr is keen to expand her research and is calling on distillers across the UK to join in. The UK is the leading producer and innovator of gin, with the number of distilleries increasing by 15% from 2020 to 2022.

Dr. Parr is a flavor development specialist with a PhD degree in the flavor of roasted malts in beer. He said of the project, “We are looking for 5ml samples of as many gins as we can, but my target is around 1000 gins. The samples will not be consumed and will be used for instrumental analysis only. We can share a summary of the analysis with the gin producer.

The Flavour Research Group is part of the International Flavour Research Centre at the University of Nottingham, whose research focuses on food and flavor chemistry.

If you are a UK gin producer, and are interested in participating in the project, you can contact Dr. Parr via


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