Athens Might Become the Best Cocktail City in Europe

Greece’s capital has been obtaining the reputation as a great place for some cocktail parties. The native Mediterranean drinks offered along with its admirable scenery makes Athens the ideal place for a perfect get away and, in the meantime, the opportunity to try some adult beverages.

Starting from Psirri, the neighbourhood hidden under the shade of the Acropolis and well-known for its night life with an infinitive number of bars and restaurants to visit. This is the place to try some native spirits such as the Ouzo, an authentic anise flavoured liquor served as a digestive. Also, outside the area of Aegean, some bars are already serving a quite strange but sweet cocktail mix called Mastika, a Greek spirit with resin obtained from mastic trees. It is served cold with bubble-gum (I said it was strange but sweet).

And of course, we cannot forget about the rum in Athens. You will find many bars in the city offering this sugary cocktail, such as the Baba Au Rum, the most popular, or the Zaya Gran Reserva with a Trinidad and Tobago flair.

Do not leave Athens without trying its native cocktails at its trendy places such as iFeel or at one of the city’s oldest distilleries, Brettos, with a beautiful historic lounge in the Plaka, without forgetting the Six Dogs’ bar.



Dont drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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