Bartenders talk about the physical and mental health in the profession

Mental health in the bar industry is an issue that many bartenders are unwilling to discuss. However, in general, different actions have been taken by associations to maintain the physical and mental health of bartenders.

Among the physical repercussions of bartending are ailments associated with the technique of shaking, in the execution of the technique, by stretching the back, shoulders and wrists. Lynnette Marrero, bartender, explained in an interview with The New York Times: “(We) barmen do an extremely physical job. We suffer from ailments from repeated shaking movements and standing up during 10 hours shifts… if the bartenders are injured, we can’t work.”

For his part, the famous and renowned bartender Russell Davis spoke with Forbes contributor Brad Japhe. In his interview he explained he found a dark side to bar life, one that many of his colleagues are reluctant to discuss publicly. Davis maintains his balance through meditation, drinking much less often than in his younger years.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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