flores para cócteles

Botanicals for cocktails recommended by experts

Lately there has been a tendency to create flower gardens for gin and they were the stars of the Chelsea Flower Show. To create an original cocktail several elements come into play and are available. Creating an imaginative and fresh recipe allows you to play with garden items such as herbs, vegetables and especially flowers.

It should be noted that the gin boom has never been so extreme. During 2017, 47 million bottles of gin worth £1.2 billion were served, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association. In addition, the number of British distilleries has increased considerably, to 315, i.e. twice as many since 2013.

Botanicals recommended for cocktails

Because of this boom the creation of specialized gardens for gin. Among the flowers to be cultivated to accompany gin cocktails, experts such as Stuart Bale, Sarah Raven and Ryan Chetiyawardana recommend: camomile, lavender, rose, geum,  geraniums, foxgloves, azurea flowers, sorrel and even pine needles.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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