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Carlsberg tests green fiber beer bottles with 8,000 prototypes

Danish brewer Carlsberg says their green fiber beer bottles retains the same “flavor and effervescence” as glass bottles.


The brewer is preparing to conduct its largest recyclable fiber beer bottles test across Europe. Carlsberg’s fiber beer bottle has a wood fiber shell and a PEF polymer liner.

The bottles are made with a wood fiber shell and a plant-based polyethylene furanoate (PEF) polymer liner.

Through this first launch, consumers will sample 8.000 bottles in eight markets on the continent, including the UK, France and Poland.

Carlsberg claims the bottles retain the same “taste and effervescence” as glass bottles and could keep beer colder for longer.


The fiber beer bottles are bio-based, except for the cap, and there are plans for an alternative fiber-based cap expected to be delivered in 2023

Photo: Carlsberg’s fiber beer bottle. Photo credit: Carlsberg/PA

Stéphane Munch, vice president of group development at Carlsberg, said, “Identifying and producing PEF as a competent functional barrier for beer has been one of our biggest challenges.

So getting good test results, collaborating with suppliers and seeing bottles being filled on the line is a great achievement.”

Munch said the company will continue to work with its partners Avantium, which specializes in renewable chemistry and has developed the polymer liner, and packaging company Paboco, which has manufactured the outer bottle liner, on beer packaging developments.


Carlsberg: towards a zero-waste future

News of the wood fiber beer bottle was announced in 2019 and Carlsberg has been working with its partners on the design since 2015.

Carlsberg is also pouring its sustainability efforts into its beer, using barley malt grown using fully organic and regenerative farming practices in collaboration with barley malt supplier Soufflet.

As part of its green projects, the company is developing a project called Together Towards ZERO Goals.

Through it, Carlsberg aims to achieve zero emission targets in all its breweries, and a 30 percent reduction across all its operations in the coming decades. This, along with the implementation of paper bottles.

Carlsberg’s other alternatives include reducing the use of plastic by doing away with beer clamping rings and replacing them with glue.

Learn more about Carlsberg’s project.

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