Chill your guests’ glass quickly with these recommendations

The need to keep your guests’ glass cold in your own event is a must for those who take into account even the smallest detail.

Impress your attendees not only with the type of snacks and aperitifs you offer, but also for the quality of the service you will be presenting, always keeping the cocktail glasses well chilled, even after the the re-fill.

Below we will tell you how to do it easily and efficiently.

First, place all the glasses you will be needing inside the freezer for at least 30 minutes before your guests arrive. It sounds obvious, but you must not forget to do it! This is the best way to impress with reception cocktails.

After that, prepare a large bowl or a large tray with crushed ice, so that after washing the used glasses, you can leave a part of them facing down on the ice. In this way, once your guests have finished their drinks and you must offer a second one, the glass will be already cold enough.

This will prevent you from having to wait for the glass to cool again inside the freezer.

Remember that no matter what type of container you use; it must be large enough to place the maximum amount of glasses on it.

If you are only using two or three glasses, the easiest way to keep them cold is to leave crushed ice inside them and throw it away before preparing your guest’s drink.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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