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Covid-19: current situation of pubs, restaurants and cafes in Europe

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The steps to limit the spread of coronavirus in European countries include closing bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants. Read more here:



Pubs, restaurants and cafes in Ireland will remain closed to the public and will only be able to offer take-away and delivery meals. The Irish authorities ordered a lockdown, the strictest in Europe today. The measure will take effect on Wednesday at midnight and will last six weeks, said Prime Minister Michael Martin. (Source AFP).



The local government in Wales has ordered a two-week lockdown starting next Friday. Businesses related to leisure, tourism and hospitality, i.e. pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants will have to close. (Source Euronews).


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Slovenia has applied a curfew to the population between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am from Tuesday. The country is the latest to apply such measures and has categorized the regions by color: green, orange and red.

Large gatherings are prohibited both indoors and in public places, the wearing of masks is mandatory outdoors, and restaurants have been closed for at least two weeks.

In the orange regions, masks are mandatory in indoor public spaces. No food or drink may be served after 10:30 p.m., and guests in bars and restaurants may only be served at their tables. (Source Balkan Insight / AFP).



In Italy, restaurants must show their maximum capacity to the public, close at midnight and accept a maximum of six people per table. On the other hand, bars will close at 6:00 pm if they cannot serve their customers at a table. (Source AFP).


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