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Covid-19: Slowdown for Scottish gin distilleries reported

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Just three gin distilleries opened in 2020 in Scotland, a sector that was coming full steam ahead until the pandemic.

Via The Gin Cooperative, statistics show that only three gin distilleries opened in Scotland in 2020. This is a drop of almost 84%. Where 15 distilleries opened in 2019, only three opened in 2020. Despite this, several distilleries have noted a huge rise in their online sales.

In addition to a radical drop in the opening of new distilleries, new releases also dropped. Only 102 new Scottish gins were launched in 2020, representing a 35% drop compared to 2019. There are now 95 distilleries producing Scottish gin and 497 varieties of gin for gin fans and new enthusiasts to explore.

Among the new gins launched in 2020 we find by style:


Co-founder of The Gin Cooperative, Martin Reid, explained these results.

With traditional sales channels closed or partially closed, including retail and on-trade, it is not surprising that many new gin brand launches and new Scottish Gin launches were postponed.

However, Scotland’s gin makers still managed to launch 95 new Scottish gins in 2020. This compares to 132 new Scottish gins launched in 2019.”

Another factor why Reid says it is no surprise to see a slowdown in Scottish gin is that many producers were awaiting the results of Brexit. “How this will impact existing exports along with other producers planning to export to the EU.”

It is worth noting that, according to Reid, distillery tours play a big role in the recovery of the economy and especially tourism.

Several gin distilleries said they have seen an increase in their online sales. This has allowed them to stay afloat and even reach new markets. Isle of Barra who produce Barra Atlantic Gin, or Bienn an Tuirc, producers of Kintyre Gin are some of these distilleries.


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