Craft these Cocktail drinks with beer

A recent article in The Manual listed cocktail drinks with beer.

During the summer, the creations of lighter drinks take place to reward the days outdoors, during barbecues for example, and to refresh us with original recipes.

Among the best known are the Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary with beer is a cocktail comes time and again, which we basically all know as Michelada. The best is to make it with light beers. However, Axel Pimentel, bartender at Fifty Mills, advises other possibilities to break with the cliché of the michelada, for example a Tom Sour cocktail.

Other possibilities to craft cocktail drinks with beer are:

Margarita with beer
Black Velvet : beer with champagne
Caipirinha with beer

But at Spirits Hunters, we recommend the El Tindero cocktail, a cocktail created by Filipino bartender Richie Cruz. It is based on a reduction of Pale Pilsen beer, Bacardi Gold, coconut, muscovado syrup and Angostura bitters, learn to make it!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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