Determine the price of a bottle of whisky by its smell

Ali Reynolds

Johnnie Walker’s whisky ambassador, has been working in the beverage industry for 10 years and has started running bars throughout the UK.

Reynolds told Business Insider that it was possible to assess the value of a whisky just by smelling it.

For example, according to him, detecting the alcohol bite is a sign that you are drinking a young whisky. If, on the other hand, you smell notes of strong flavors, it is a sign that it is a more expensive bottle: “If the smell is deep and you can take notes of flavour other than alcohol, it is a very good thing.” He added that whiskies that have aged longer can often contain leather or wood notes. Reynolds also advises to keep the bottle out of reach of the sun. “As long as it’s not in full sunlight or next to a radiator, it can stay as long as you want“.


Ghost Distilleries

The term comes from not-forgotten distilleries that have closed,” according to Reynolds. “The one we focused on was in Port Ellen,” a revered distillery that closed in 1983. Johnnie Walker’s Blue Label Ghost and Rare blend was made with liquid from three “ghost distilleries”.

Today, his role as whisky ambassador is to educate people about the spirit and help brands present themselves in the right place.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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