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Discover the Swedish Museum of Food, which exhibits never-before-seen and disgusting bottles

Warning! Strong content and not precisely of alcohol level, but of the base of these rare alcohols. Find out more about the food museum in Malmö.

When we arrive at the museum we are greeted by a bottle in the shape of a bonbon with a yellow content…which we will later describe to you. While on the other hand we find a gin made with red ants and a scorpion vodka.

The star of the museum is the excrement wine, the bottle of alcohol with yellow liquid that leads the exhibition of disgusting alcohols. “It’s traditional Korean medicine“, says museum director Andreas Ahrens. He himself made this mixture composed of human excrements. “It was drunk to heal fractures and bruises, it is a medicine more than anything else“.

In the museum we also find experimental drinks such as a Scottish beer with 55% alcohol content. It is sold inside a stuffed squirrel. We continue, and from Iceland comes another rarity: beer with whale testicles. But also more normal but rare and probably unknown drinks like the Waragi from Uganda. In addition to the alcohols like the pruno, a fruit wine made by prisoners in the United States and hidden in bathrooms.

Visiting the museum is also an opportunity to understand the different cultures and their relationship with alcohol. Gammeldansk, for example, is a Danish bitter that is traditionally drunk at breakfast: “It is considered totally normal here in Sweden, in Denmark and in Norway, but it is unpleasant in the rest of the world“, says Mr. Ahrens.

The museum has made pop-up exhibitions to cities like Nantes, Berlin and even Los Angeles. Currently the museum closed its doors in spring due to the health crisis imposed by Covid-19.


Disgusting Food Museum

Kvarteret Caroli, Östergatan 12, 211 25 Malmö


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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