Elon Musk: “Teslaquila, will you be there? »

Will the American billionaire ever come down to Earth? After his quest for space, the founder of the “Space X” program is now tackling the world of spirits.

Frustrated by being ousted from Tesla’s board of directors last week, he has just announced on Twitter the launch of his own Tequila brand: named after the sweet name “Teslaquila“. An affront to his former collaborators? Perhaps so, but as he explained on the social network, this future project would be the result of his post on April 1st in which he posted a picture of this famous “Teslaquila”. A project that seems to be materializing since the creator of “PayPal” has justified two patent applications to the USPTO’s American registry. Little information has been filtered out as to where it is manufactured, which remains a secret.

Presented under the “Tesla” logo, we just know that it will be a “tequila distilled and made from pure blue agave“. Better known for his escapades than for his taste in spirits, despite showing himself at a recent controversial interview with a glass of whisky in his hand and a joint between his fingers, a question arises: Wouldn’t Elon Musk try to lead us on? Rather, this whim seems to be an effective way to divert media attention.

A few days earlier, the billionaire had to leave his seat as chairman of Tesla’s board of directors, accused of fraud by the SEC following “false and misleading” tweets. Teslaquila: a media strategy or a real interest? To be continued.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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