Get to know L’Orbe, a gastronomic drink

Conceived by experts, L’Orbe is the result of innovation by BIG (Breakthrough Innovation Group). Led by a group of experts, it includes mixologist Alex Kratena and starred chef David Toutain.

L’Orbe is made from a special recipe. For each drink, a delicate ingredient and a refined spirit. In fact one of the first versions consists of Gironde caviar for the ingredient and Swedish vodka for the spirit.

Get to know L'Orbe, a gastronomic drink

To taste this drink, it is advisable to taste it neat or dry. Although it lends itself very well to cocktails and even as an exclusive ingredient of a dish.

L’Orbe’s production process consists of microcapsulation. This process makes it possible to protect a fragile ingredient in a membrane and even preserve its properties over time. It is when it comes into contact with a liquid that the ingredient releases its aromas without colouring, false taste or particles. Thanks to this process it is possible to associate previously incompatible ingredients.

L’Orbe is available at London’s Sexy Fish restaurant and bar.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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