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Herbal liqueurs are also popular in the world of spirits

Herbal liqueurs are making their way into the world of spirits, until recently they occupied a small place on the shelves of wine stores…

With an infinite range of variety, plants to prepare herbal liqueurs abound. In France, for example, we have gentian in the Alps, pine in the Jura, verbena in the Veley, among others. In addition to providing excellent therapeutic virtues, herbs help us to create special liqueurs either to be drunk as aperitifs or as digestives, which nowadays occupy a special place in mixology, from Chartreuse to Suze, passing through Bénédictine in France, or Unicum in Hungary to Sambuca in Italy or amaro in general.

Generally, herbal liqueurs remain somewhat mysterious as regards their recipes, each one blends aromas and flavors in a particular way and it is difficult to know their recipes, as indeed the producers keep preciously their formulas which make their liqueurs unique.

The president of the French Liquor Syndicate and president of Chratreuse Diffusion says about this segment: “We benefit from a very positive image, especially because everyone tries to cure themselves with plants. Without saying that these liqueurs improve health, although this is the basic argument of some people, we can admit that they do things right“. Even in France, herbal liqueurs find their place even in gastronomy. “More and more chefs are using them in the kitchen. The Massenez distillery has even become the specialist in extracts used by chocolatiers, pastry chefs and ice cream makers,” adds Delafon.


Other herbal liqueur producers are taking advantage of the momentum from which this sector would benefit.

Beyond Europe, in India, herbs play a big role in the creation of spirits. In this country, the gin brand Stranger & Sons has just won gold at the Gin Master 2021, up against 427 competitors from 233 different companies, and also won a Master medal at the Asian Spirits Masters 2021. All the herbs used in its production come from India. One of its founders, Sakshi, says: “We use a unique blend of citrus peels: Gondhoraj lebu, the commonly found nimbu, Indian bergamot and Nagpur oranges. With it go coriander seeds, angelica root, cassia bark, licorice and warming spices such as pepper, mace and nutmeg.”


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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