new vodka impeachment by AMASS

Impeachment is real and it exists in “Impeachment” vodka

For all those occasions that “celebrate” an impeachment there is now a vodka with this name.

“Impeachment” vodka is a vodka created by the AMASS distillery. The same one that during the confinement -like many others- participated in the creation of hand sanitizer to protect us from the coronavirus.

This vodka adapts to the current turbulent political times in the United States. To lighten things up, it has a botanical bouquet and bold flavor. In its aromatic notes we find “soft rose petals with a delicate aroma”, currant and ginger which provide warmth to the spirit. “A juicy peach finish: the sweet and satisfying taste of victory,” say its creators. The name of this vodka, “Impeachment,” plays on its peachy taste.

AMASS co-founder Morgan McLachlan explains that the idea came about as a humorous quip among team members. This is when we are in 2019, especially in the especially tough political season in 2019.

When we shared it this January in the wake of Trump’s second impending impeachment, our community responded in droves,” he says. “From there, our team went to work to develop a liquor fit for celebrating the inauguration. We are fortunate to have a strong, agile and creative team that was able to turn it around so quickly.” According to Food & Wine.


Fun fact: a limited edition of 2021 bottles.

The year 2021 is undoubtedly a year that marks the political history of the United States. This limited edition AMASS vodka will exist in 2021 bottles only. McLachlan says that on this particular occasion, the best way to taste Impeachment is neat and chilled.

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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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